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  • Bronze

    Perfect to try out
    Abonnement gratuit
    • Basic features available for free
    • Pay-per-use for advanced features
    • See detailed plan comparison table for what's included
  • Silver

    par mois
    Best Value
    • Premium video content
    • Community videos
    • Generate subtitles for new videos
    • Popover word definitions / translations
    • Private video creation
    • Edit Subtitles
    • Collaboration features
    • Translate subtitles into your native language
    • Personalized word banks
    • Word color coding (New, Learning, Known)
  • Gold

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    For power users and passionate learners
    • Same features as silver plan
    • Unlimited premium content viewing

Which online software is the best for learning English and other languages?

LBI is an innovative and convenient online software to learn English and other languages online. This software is based on a revolutionary approach to learning on artificial intelligence and neuroscience; it removes the obstacles that prevent people from learning.

How does LBI help you in learning new languages?

If you are looking for a source to learn a new language effortlessly, LBI is the leading digital learning platform that you should choose. We try to make a unique language learning experience compelling, exciting, and effective.

What are basic software packages for learning a different language?

It is your choice what you want to learn; therefore, the online language learning software package of English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Thai, and French is the same and divided into three categories, bronze, silver, and gold.  You can choose the best among them according to your requirement and budget.